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  • Yanshi

    October 20, 2021 at 7:03 PM

    These days, it has become a significantly popular phenomenon for students, to take a gap year after finishing their schools and before starting off with tertiary education. Every situation has a set of benefits and drawbacks, and this essay shall further dive into more details.

    While in school, a student has little time to focus on one’s well being and interests. Completing intermediate education and heading off straight to a university, is a huge upheaval that comes with a disrupted state of mind, that often leaves a person baffled, leaving one emotionally exhausted. This situation is often overlooked by many people. Therefore, taking a year off can allow one to focus on oneself, explore one’s interests and take a suitable decision for upcoming future. It provides sufficient time for one to ruminate and ponder over life, giving an opportunity to improve one’s mental well being. Some may also use this time to travel or gain relevant work experience in their field of interest, that they failed to do during school’s hectic lifestyle.

    Along with the advantages, there are some obvious disadvantages as well, important to consider and emphasize. Taking an year off in the middle can sometimes disrupt the flow of education, leading to feelings of unsettlement and confusion about the future. It might become a demanding task to fall back into the same habit of studying, which got interrupted earlier. If the gap stretches to more than a year, for any reasons, it might become a considerable fault for one’s resume, leading to rejections while applying at jobs. Nonetheless, the student gets a year behind from his peers who might have got admitted into their respective universities, further causing feelings of inferiority and outcast.

    In conclusion, just like any other thing, the phenomenon comes with a set of pros and cons, that a person needs consider and weigh in all the probabilities and conditions, before making a decision that suits and compliments one’s present status and future aspirations.

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