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  • Mohit

    October 20, 2021 at 9:37 PM

    Since the vary presence of social media , a drastic change, in Society , is being noticed. Many people arguing that our face-to-face interaction is being replaced by it and it will certainly damage the society . Does they are arguing a write thing ? Or, it is scarcely a hallucination? Well I am the person, who believe that yes this will adversely effect the society.

    Now a days, many people are queuing in support of Social Media as they believe that this is very beneficial for the society. The same is illustrated further that by using the platform we are exchanging our views, greeting & wishing ; to each other with out visiting their place, and thus saving not only the time but also the money. Thus the supremacy of social media is underscored by them.

    While, on the other hand many people are considering it as a demon who is eating up their relationship which was developed by putting hard effort and that too over a period of time . The same is attached with the survival of human race by reading the countenance of the other one ,and only then the feelings of joy or grief can be assimilate. And social media is hitting out on that vary point only . Therefore the precedency of social media is denied by them out rightly .

    Eventually , No doubt that social media has made our communication easier but it can carry the words only and not the emotions, and human ,in depth, is nothing else but a statue of feelings only which are necessarily require to build a society. Hence from the above the triumph of disadvantage of social media over the advantage is concluded.

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