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  • Manju

    October 23, 2021 at 10:32 AM

    The drastic progress in tourism industry throughout the world has led some individuals to believe that English will take over in coming years as the only spoken language in the world. Having one language has it benefits as well as some drawbacks attached to it which we will be discussing in length in this essay.

    One major advantage would be that communication around the global will become universal. In other words, a person sitting in North pole can speak to another person in South pole without any barrier of language. This will eventually lead to a sense of unity and oneness among all humans. Other than this, different countries can come together on one global platform to discuss their concerns and assist each other to overcome them.

    On the other hand, having a same world language would result in disappearance of many traditions and cultures. To elaborate, all over the world, there are more than 1000 indigenous groups which function mainly on regional dialects, forcing them to use English will be unethical as it will be tough for them to adapt to a new foreign language. Furthermore, tourism will be adversely affected since there is not much left to see and enjoy the culture of other country. For example, India is a multicultural and multilingual country, if it has a uniform tradition following one language, there is no point visiting other States for tourism. As a result, the tourism will go down and the economy of the country as well.

    To conclude, English can be spoken across the globe for ease of communication and documentation of official work but emphasizing it as the only language will just lead to vanishing of many ancient regional languages and dialects. Therefore, there should be a balance in usage of languages.

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