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  • Sheeba

    October 24, 2021 at 6:30 PM

    Governments which belong to the developed nation spending too much money to explore space. In my opinion, spending huge money in the field of astronomy is vain. This essay will argue why money should not spend more on space.

    To begin with, many developed nations are rushing to discover about space. For instance, United States and Russia invests a lot in astronomy. They believe it is one of the way to expose their country as a powerful nation. The SpaceX is working on the project Mars and their aim is to make the Mars as comfortable planet to live. Even though there is shortage of Oxygen and water, they are trying to provide. They are spending billions and trillions of money for Mars instead, they can provide fund for the under developed countries. Countries like Siriya and Somalia people are starving for food.

    In addition to that, many countries such as Afghanistan, Africa and Ethiopia there is less literacy rate. They can provide funds for these countries to enhance their literacy rate. The developed nations can allocate few reservations for these countries to increase the literacy rate. Also some countries like Ethiopia do not have medical facilities. Developed nations can spend money for the medical field for under developed nations.

    To conclude with, spending more in space for Remote Sensing is acceptable because for the purpose of country’s security but, spending money beyond the limit is useless. It is impossible for us to reside in Mars so research like this is waste of time and money.

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