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  • Swati14

    October 28, 2021 at 2:14 PM

    In many countries, the rate of serious crimes are declining, but people perceive even more insecurity as compared to the past. This essay will first look at the reasons why this is happening, and then explore the solution for it.

    The feeling of insecurity is increasing in some people because of augmented road accidents day by day. Nowadays, a huge number of vehicles run on the road, due to which graph of road accidents also boomed. People usually violate traffic rules, and due to that innocent people lost their lives or sometimes got serious injuries. To illustrate further, in the past vehicles were limited, due to that chart of accident cases was also down, but these days, news about accidents and deaths are very common, which increases the fear of insecurity in the people.

    To solve this, the fine for traffic violations should be increased because if a fine increases it will also lead extra financial burden on traffic violators. Due to this amendment, people will not break any traffic rules in future. Secondly, the procedure for issuing a driving licence should be more strict, so that inefficient people would not get the permit, and it will also help to reduce any kind of casualties.

    In conclusion, due to excessive numbers of vehicles, people often do not feel safe as some drivers do not follow traffic rules which increase casualties, to solve this problem traffic fine should we increased, and procedure for driving licence should be strict.

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