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  • Soumya

    October 29, 2021 at 3:46 PM
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    Nowadays many people forecast the possibility of complete vanishing of conventional newspapers and magazines due to the popularity of E-books and other modern technologies. It is agreed that this hypothesis might be happening based on two primary reasons .This essay examines firstly ,the personal benefits E -books can bring and secondly, the environmental benefits it has ;followed by a logical conclusion.

    Firstly, it is a well known fact that digital technologies, in particular E- books and magazines have revolutionized the process of finding and reading a book or magazine. In the earlier times , finding a book often entailed spending long hours in library shelves or visiting various book shops. However, now these books not only can be easily accessed at a one click but also it can be read , listened or visualize within our comfort zone at any time. In addition , since E-books are more affordable and require only less space , anyone can carry this and create their own library with their favourite collections in a light weight portable gadget.

    Furthermore, thousands of trees are annually logged since paper is the principal material required for publishing newspapers and magazines. This drastically harm the environment in many ways such as habitat loss, climate change and soil damage. To cite an example, trees in forests are home to a myriad of mammals, insects, reptiles, birds and worms as well. So, destruction of these trees will leads to the loss of their dwelling. Therefore, many environmentalists nowadays tend to encourage people to read online newspapers or digital books in order to reduce the effects of logging to a great extent.

    To sum up, E-books and other modern technologies are a great alternatives to the printed reading materials owing to the advantages it provides. Apparently these can completely take the place of conventional publications in the near future.

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