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  • Unknown Member

    October 31, 2021 at 10:58 PM

    It is often argued that newspaper and magazines will hold no relevance in future, instead latest technology and online books will be the preferred means of gaining information. In my opinion, the future belongs to E-books and digitalization. This essay will discuss firstly, the easy availability of online books and secondly, how technical upgradation promotes and maintains an eco-friendly atmosphere; followed by a reasoned conclusion.

    First of all, with technology, it has now become possible for people to buy devices that support digital books at an affordable rate. Anyone sitting anywhere in the world can have easy accessibility to online books, in fact downloading a book from installed application is way more simpler than arranging for daily newspaper and magazines. This can be illustrated by the fact that the Kindle has maximum number of subscription across the globe. I am not denying the fact that some older age group people still enjoys ( enjoy) reading traditional newspaper, books and magazines because they find it more comfortable.

    Apart from being user-friendly, digital books are also eco-friendly. The printing process itself involves using of harmful chemicals and ink that can have deleterious effect on human beings as well as animals. Moreover, billion of trees are chopped down every year for the paper manufacturing process, thus putting an impact on environment. Such problems are not encountered with digital books.

    Therefore, I strongly believe that traditional newspaper and magazines will be no longer in use over the next few years. It is recommended that government should allow subscription of online books site at a cheaper rate.


    Well written ! Well structure and organized response with proper paragraphing. Impactful vocabulary used though it can be improved. Introduction is quite impressive with a paraphrase, thesis statement and outline. Sum up is missing in the conclusion. Overall an impressive piece of writing.

    Band Score : 4.5/6

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