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  • Yanshi

    November 1, 2021 at 7:03 PM

    Some people believe that in a locality, new houses should be constructed in accordance with the design, the former houses were built with. However, others argue about the necessity of requirement of flexibility in choosing various designs for houses according to the personal preferences of their owners.

    Building a house is a laborious task, often a demanding one, that requires it’s owner to shed blood, sweat and tears to achieve a perfect result. Constructing a home in regards with the same style would be a great relief for the owner as they would no longer be required to plan or brainstorm unique ideas for the interiors or exteriors of the house. Having this privilege, they would easily be able to take inspiration from the houses and build a perfect house for themselves. Moreover, having a locality with all the houses architected under the same style, makes it look well- structured and sophisticated leaving little room for any chaos or mess.

    On the other hand, another argument states a very crucial point about having the privilege to decide for a design for oneself regardless of other buildings. Each person has a varied taste unique to oneself, that might or might not be appreciated by the other. Therefore, it is fair to let one come up with their favorable and desirable structure instead of being compelled to follow a certain regulation. This would support the fact that the owner is satisfied and comfortable and make the entire process much more convenient for him. Furthermore, the same structured houses built throughout the area, might sometimes become monotonous and tedious for the eyes, with no creativity.

    To summarize, in my opinion, one should be allowed to go for the style that resonates with them and their taste rather than being shoved into something they might not be comfortable with. This not only just encourages creativity and gives room for imagination, but also provides convenience to the owner to build their house with their likings.

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