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  • Shadab

    November 8, 2021 at 9:14 PM

    Nowadays people love to spend holidays in other countries, Some of them believes that they must know the customs of a particular place so that they can mix up with the local crowd, This essay will argue that all the tourist who visits any country must aware of the culture but should not waste time to learn or opt the things completely.

    To start with, In the current scenario, everyone wants to spend holidays in foreign counties, And before they visit the place they must aware of the culture, language, food and etc so that they can spend their holiday peacefully for instance if somebody plan to visit Russia they are going to face a little challenge about the language because in Russia local people do not speak or understand English.

    On the other hand, If you will think too much about the other country culture or if you try to follow the same, It will be more pressure on you while holidaying, you cant enjoy on maximum time, Also if you pretend they might not like you, They may think that you are making fun of them. For example, if you visit Saudi Arabia, you can not drink alcohol it’s against their culture, But you can also not offer a prayer as they do.

    In conclusion, People must aware of the culture of the county they visit so that they stay and enjoy the place and they must respect the same, But should not try to follow all.

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