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  • Jitendra

    November 9, 2021 at 12:37 PM

    It is argued by some that it is the government’s responsibility to save the environment. however, other people say that it is responsible for individuals as well. In my opinion, protecting the environment is the responsibility of both the government and every individual. This essay will discuss both views in the following paragraphs.

    Government should make strict regulations for the industries which produce more harmful gases. The reason is those gases which are released from different factories might be detrimental for human health. For example, one research was conducted in Pakistan clearly showed that people who reside near to the chemical industries 60 percentage more likely to get several diseases. Therefore, the government should make such policy so that such type of factories are established far away from the residential area with new technology which releases less gas.

    Every individual should be responsible for saving the environment and it can be done by using less fossil fuel. That is to say, people should start using public transport more often instead of taking car even for short distances. By this way they can help to release less carbon footprint which is really detrimental for the environment. For instance, In Japan, bicycles are mandatory to use 2 days everyweek for every individual. As a result, pollution is decreased tremendously.

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