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  • Mohit

    November 10, 2021 at 9:06 PM

    Most of the people want to check the quality of the product before buying and the best way to check the same is the reviews , available on intranet. Does customer feedback really plays an important role in making a purchase? Well , I have experienced that yes it plays. This essay will discuss the utility of customer reviews.

    Almost all the people , in modern age of internet , check the reviews of a product before making a decision. This practice is being followed not only in modern age but also since inception. today the feedback are retrieved from internet while earlier it was being taken through mouth campaign. The feedback is the real life experience of the exist customer , which discuss about the quality of the ware and if the experience is good then obviously the quality would be perfect. Thus we can underscore the usefulness of customer reviews.

    Secondly, consumer reviews also divulge the company’s various policy like: After sale service, Return policy or warranty policy etc. It is very rudimentary thing that most of the people always prefer to buy a brand . For them product comes later and that is the very point when brand policy become more relevant before buying the item and here customer reviews , again play a vital role. they do not consider their purchasing as an expense but an investment and thus go very selectively and will not hesitate to reject even a brand if the reviews do not gratify their needs, therefore once again the importance of customer review is grounded

    Eventually , when ever a person think about buying goods or services , he always prefer to have an idea about the quality of the product and the goodwill of the company. He is going to invest his hard earned money in a product and will definitely enquire about the product and other than customer feedback no second way can be much effective. Thus, unequivocally, the triumph of customer feedback, in buying a product is proclaimed

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