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  • Rekha

    November 11, 2021 at 8:16 AM

    Many people debate on whether the government bodies or an individual be withholding the responsibility to protect nature. I strongly believe that every individual in society should be respectful and preserve the resources in order to protect the nature as government solely cannot implement the change.

    The administration should be responsible to pass the rules to safeguard the nature habitat. Government leaders should allow citizens to enroll in the schemes to plant 10,000 trees per year. For example, in 2006, in the New Zealand survey, they have implemented a similar program to reduce pollution and protect the ecosystem and within 2 years of continuous effort, they have seen a 10% of reduction of air pollution in their environment. In addition to that, the ministry of environmental sciences and pollution control board by enforcing all the vehicles to pass the pollution control check every year that checks the emission of carbon monoxide gas emission from automobiles.

    Every individual in society owes to mother nature by being responsible for the usage of natural resources. There are various methods to support the government in protecting the atmosphere by not cutting down trees for personal and commercial usages and planting trees in their home and community surroundings. Protection of the environment cannot be implemented solely by the rulers there is also equal responsibility on every person. Everyone has to follow the necessary pollution checks as enforced by the government parties and play their responsible part to the society.

    To conclude, I believe every individual has to support government administration to safeguard nature and also play the responsible citizen role in order to protect their surroundings.

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