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  • Jitendra

    November 12, 2021 at 12:33 PM

    The line graphs depict the production and demand for steel in million tonnes and the number of workers employed in the steel industry in the UK in 2010 from January to December.

    Overall, both demand and production were declined at the end of the year and employment rate of number of workers was sharply fall in April.

    Looking in details, production of steel in January was 4000 million tonnes whereas demand was only 2000 miilion tonnes. Production was a high increase in prodction in one month and reached to 5000 million tonnes. after that there was a fall in production and back to 4000 million tonnes in March which remained steady till July. Moreover, tremendous decline was observed from September to December which was 5000 to 1000 million tones respectively. Whereas demand was fluactating thoughout the year which was 2000 to 3000 million tonnes except the month of November where demand became zero.

    On the otherhand, number of workers employed in the month of January were 5000 which were slightly increased in February and after that there was sharp fall to 3000 till march. this number reamined static till May and again a bit upward and downward trends were observed and reached almost 3500 in august. Employees were decresed gradually and fell down to 1000 in December.

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