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  • Sheeba

    November 18, 2021 at 4:20 PM

    In rural areas there is a shortage of medical and education facilities. Some people believe doctors and teachers who graduated freshly have to be sent to work in those areas, whereas others think that it is their freedom to choose their work place after their graduation. In my opinion, it is individual’s interest to choose their location to work.

    Young graduates from the field of teaching and medicine should work in rural areas. If they are allowed to work in those areas, then people in that area will get all facilities like people living in other areas. For instance, many rural areas have changed into urban areas and metropolitan areas due to the increased facilities in medical and education. In addition to that, some incentives have to be given to the young employees. It will encourage others to work in such areas. The more the graduates work there, more developed the area will be.

    The choice of the work location has to be decided by the graduates. As every individual have their own problems, none of them can interfere while choosing their place to work. For example, they may have time constraints and lack of transport facilities. Apart from this, they have to take care of their families as well. They have to provide good education for their children and their parents have to get good treatment if needed. Hence, it is not fare to force anyone to choose their location to work.

    In conclusion, people working in the field of education and medicine more than they work, they do service to the society. So they have to decide where to do service for people, and it should not be forced by external powers.

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