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  • Navroop

    November 18, 2021 at 7:46 PM

    Nowadays private tutors are being employed by many parents to teach their children after school hours. In my opinion, hiring private tutors to teach children is a good practice.

    A child needs good guidance to be good at a particular subject or field. Schools have abundance of children and it becomes very difficult for a school teacher to focus on a particular child. Due to this many children perform poorly in their academics. Parents usually hire a private tutor to overcome this problem. For example, there was an article published in The Tribune which states that 90 percent of the students passed in their exams after hiring a private tutor. Not only did they pass but performed well in their examinations.

    The World is vast and everything can’t be taught in schools. Music, sports and swimming are examples of such subjects which are not at schools. Many great personalities in these fields had private tutors. Without their help the child’s talent would have been lost. For an instance, Jurgen had a private tutor teaching him how to play football and afterwards he became one of the great sporting icon. He had talent from a young age but with the help of tutor he did much better. Tutor helped in rectifying Jurgens’ mistakes. Jurgen never had a school teacher who taught him like a friend but his private tutor became his pal.

    To conclude, private tutors can teach a variety of subjects and especially the ones in which the child shows interest in. The child gets much deeper understanding of the field when taught at personal level.

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