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  • Mamta

    November 23, 2021 at 6:36 PM

    With the use of the internet, the way of sharing the information has changed and some problems that were not present in the past have been created by this development. This essay will discuss some problems related to the internet followed by some solutions to tackle them.

    To begin with, one of the serious problems is online fraud and hacking. Many personal data and information related to a person are available on the internet that lead to serious fraud and crimes. For example, hackers steal some private data of people and blackmail them on the basis of that information. Another major problem is easy access to any information on any site, which is sometimes dangerous for children. They can access some adult content like pornography by just providing some false details related to their age, which might affect their minds and they get diverted from studies.

    Some solutions are provided to overcome these problems. The government should pass a law to protect the personal data and secure the privacy along with some cyber security. Additionally, some strict IT securities should be there to verify the details of users using strong passwords. Some awareness programs should be run by the government and IT firms regarding the sharing of personal information on the internet. Parents should also keep an eye on the activity of their children and educate them about the right uses of the internet.

    To conclude, the Internet has made the individual’s life easy along with some serious problems. However, some actions such as data privacy and cyber security taken by the government are provided a good solutions to these problems.

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