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  • Rekha

    November 24, 2021 at 4:59 AM

    @falak – Please review

    Dear Manager,
    This letter is with reference to the new construction site that’s being developed in Sriram Nagar. I am one of the residents that reside 0.2 miles from your construction site and I want to discuss a few things with relation to the construction plan.

    Firstly, I would congratulate you on the inauguration of your new construction plan and I happened to go through the post that was published last Sunday in the local newspaper “Times India” where you have announced it. Even though the post was published on the bottom of Page 8, you guys made the post very attractive which caught my attention to read the details.

    Most importantly, the building plan and the community structure were quite impressive in the publication which explains all the world-class amenities that you are planning to provide such as a swimming pool, fitness center, aerobics center, coffee shop, 24×7 security system. The water recycling system was so notable that made me write a letter to you to appreciate the effort of reusing the water.
    However, I want to ensure that you have planned well on the sewage system because if the pipelines are not well built, then the water would flow towards the low-level areas. I am concerned about it as my house is built in that area around 10 years ago. Not only the sewage system but also I would like to know the number of floors that you’re planning to build because it was not mentioned in the article, as my parents are diabetic and sit outside my home to get the natural light as per doctor’s advice. If you are planning to construct a large apartment which is more than 5 floors that would be a problem for me and my family. Since there is some missing information that was posted last week. Please publish a new post in the newspaper next week with entire the details or please reply back to my letter.

    I hope you can understand the concerns I have with regards to the large construction that’s happening very close to my residence.

    Your’s faithfully,


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