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  • Mohit

    November 24, 2021 at 3:06 PM

    Dear Sir

    I am writing this letter in reference to the inconvenience faced at Wall mart supermarket situated on Altwood Road, London. I am a regular customer of this store
    and I usually visit it every alternate day to meet my daily shopping needs.

    Yesterday, while shopping through vegetables section, a box full of apples fell on my feet and my left foot got badly scratched. One of the staff member in supermarket
    helped me to remove that from the feet and arranged first aid for me. I was totally pleased by the staff behaviour towards their customers.

    However, it could have even led to a major accident if that box of apples had fallen on my head. I could even have lost my life. I would suggest you to buy an another warehouse
    to keep surplus stock rather than keeping it on top shelves in the supermarket. It can cause serious injuries to the shoppers and might jeopardize your image
    in retail industry.

    Looking farward for a positive response

    Yours sincerely


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