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  • Gayathri

    November 24, 2021 at 4:09 PM

    The given line graphs illustrate the production and market of steel in million tonnes in the UK for the year 2010 and the number of labourers involved in its manufacturing in the same year.

    Overall, there are marked fluctuations in the demand for steel throughout the year while its production showed both increasing and decreasing trend towards the beginning and end of the year but remained steady in between. The number of labourers involved also was fluctuating.

    With regard to demand and supply of steel, both of them showed increasing trend in january with production (4000 million tonnes) starting from the double of demand( 2000 million tonnes) increased by 25% to reach 5000 million tonnes whereas, the market was increasing slowly to hit 3000 million tonnes by march. Thereafter, the production remained steady at 4000 million tonnes until end of july only to decline by a quarter during next month and to again fluctuated with a heavy drop towards the end of the year(1000 million tonnes).

    While, the necessity for steel had fluctuations round the year, averaging above 2000 million tonnes suddenly dropped to nil in november only to regain demand next month.
    The supply of labourers also fluctuated with increasing initially to above 5 million in january to decline sharply by March(3 million) and to further remain steady until august and thereafter declined to 1 million by the end of the year.

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