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  • Rekha

    November 25, 2021 at 8:06 AM

    In the last two decades, most of the younger generations and newly wedded couples are not willing to have kids and are delaying the kid’s planning. This accompanies both merits and drawbacks by having the kids at the elderly age. The below essay provides supportive information on both sides of the view.

    Most importantly, for any individual, before they plan the children they need to be financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally be ready for it. In particular, if a person is not financially independent and doesn’t have enough savings then they would be struggling to provide all the necessities to the newly born kid and has to go through so much mental pressure to provide them. Furthermore, there would be a lot of expenses when a baby is born, to support the child in all the ways an individual needs to think about the financial settlement before planning kids. Along with that, even before having kids, a newly married couple has to spend some time for themselves to understand each other and develop the connection between them. This would allow them to learn, explore and accomplish the goals that both of them would like to achieve before taking up the responsibilities. Because once they have the kids, it would be difficult to travel for a longer time and also to perform any adventurous sports.

    Despite the advantages, some drawbacks are associated with the delay of having children. As a woman gets older there would be more fertility issues and in the development of the egg. To explain, fertility in women is high at the age of 18 to 24 and if a couple is planning later than that, then they need to prepare themselves for the incurred complications. In fact, in recent times the abortion rates in every country have increased at least by 30% when compared to 10 years ago and also, 20% of the babies are born with health issues. Not only the fertilization problems but only this increases the generation gaps between family members. In the early days, parents have to have children in their early 20’s so by the time the children are yet their age of marriage they would be in their 50’s, and they can support them in all the ways. But now, when a couple is having their kids in their late 30’s by the time their kids are getting married, they are in their late 60’s where parents would not be physically and mentally fit to support their children in any way.

    To conclude, even though there are some pros and cons in having kids in later life. I think the advantages overweigh the cons, every individual needs to be completely prepared in all the ways before planning children because that is when they could take proper care of children both emotionally and financially.

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