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  • Gayathri

    November 25, 2021 at 3:59 PM

    Nowadays, many couples prefer to delay starting their families until they are mentally and financially settled. While having children later in life do create some issues such as generation gap, there are more benefits than drawbacks to such a trend including providing them with a better life.

    First of all, the advantages are, such children who are born later in a couple’s life apparently experience more love and affection alongside growing up in a more financially stabilised environment. As their parents have attained a sufficient level in their career, they can take breaks adequately for raising their children, therefore, such kids are more lucky to spend time with family than others. For instance, a survey conducted among female IT engineers in India showed that most of them delayed having children in order to pursue great careers and for better financial stability. Moreover, parents can make their financial environment sound enough to provide their children with all facilities by the time they plan their family.

    On the other hand, there are some drawbacks also for such a trend which include difficulty in conception as fertility decreases with age also, the problems caused by generation gap. Naturally, as women ages, their ability to conceive also decreases. Hence, its risky to delay pregnancy to one’s thirties as many health issues can occur during and after pregnancy. Another issue being the occurrence of generation gap which can impact the bonding within the family as parents can sometimes fail to keep the pace with their children. But both of these issues can be limited with appropriate behavior along with opting for assisted reproduction.

    To conclude, even though there are some drawbacks in delaying children, they can be solved with assisted technology and behavioral changes. Hence, my opinion is that, it is always advisable to start family later in life once couples are mentally and financially prepared.

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