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  • Joseph Timothy

    November 25, 2021 at 4:06 PM

    Advertising is basically a type of marketing to market a product. When a new product is introduced to the market advertising is one of the key strategy to improve sales of that product. There are many types of marketing in which advertising is common one. Advertisements where so needed back in old days which needed them to find a way to advertise to everyone. Which resulted in invention of satellite television. Crux of satellite television is to telecast entertainment shows or movies in between advertisements. Later, this got evolved and even online entertainment sites or social media advertise in between videos or while scrolling through their page.

    There are many controversies on advertisements, whereas some say that advertisement encourages people to buy things that they really do not need. For instance, if a person browsed for a sneaker to know its price which he had seen his friend wearing those sneakers on their last meet. Later, when he surfs through the internet amidst of social media and websites. Sneaker or specific product based advertisements is shown over his blue screen. As this advertisement is often projected on to that person obliviously he would tend to purchase the product even though he had no prior idea to buy them. In precise, advertisement as a ability to market a product to people even though its not needed to them by constantly showing them the product and creating interest in it.

    Many new types of product are introduced often in this fast evolving world. In matter of time, due to this pandemic we have evolved from normal life to new normal so called virtual life. Certain collateral transition like this would open a vivid market of new products. At this time, to reach the new products to customers we need a powerful mode of marketing such as advertisement. Each and everyone person will have is own individual favorite taste or style over his product or thing he needs. So advertisements are made in generic way to cover different group or mindsets of people. Advertisements are an essential part in world of marketing and sales.

    Advertisements may or may not encourage one to buy a product. It all depends on oneself to purchase the product. As the world is developing people need to be vigilant and not carried away by business tricks. Hence, people should purchase things which they need or interested in.

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