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  • Ashish

    November 26, 2021 at 2:33 PM

    The given bar chart depicts the reported change in the population of seals,whales and dolphins in the Gormez Straits between 2006 to 2018.At first glance,it can be seen that the number of dolphins increased throughout the period while that of seals and whales showed fluctuations.

    In 2006,the recorded population of dolphins was the lowest(around 16), it was even less than half the number of the seals reported,which was around 43.But in 2010,there was a decline in the number of seals while the dolphin population expanded a bit thereby they stood at nearly same figures of about 24 and 22 respectively.After that, population of both the species increased till 2018 ,i.e ,the end of the period ,where the reported dolphins were about 52 while this figure was roughly of 45 for seals.

    The case of whales was different from the other two creatures as there were not any drastic changes in their recorded population.The number of recorded whales always lied between 20 to 30 for the entire 12 year duration.

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