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  • Sonali

    November 26, 2021 at 3:08 PM

    There is a common notion that men tend to be more competitive and ambitious as compared to women.I agree to this view to some extent.

    Men have innate characteristic of being competitive because of the fact that that it was developed during human evaluation when men typically had to fight for protection of themselves and their families.In ancient times when men had to take responsibility of being involved in physically challenging tasks where as women shared responsibility of taking care of household work, has deeply affected the women’s upbringing and roles of men and women even in present times.For example, some scientific studies show that presence of some type of harmones in higher levels in men than women is one of the reasons of higher dominance and competitiveness in men.

    However,in 21st century there is a seismic shift in the stereotypical belief that women are not as competitive as men .Women have been able to show their mettle in various fields and are highly successful. There is a gradual decline in the traditional and strict gender-specific notions as a result women are equally competing with men in many areas like sports and managerial jobs.For example, In some surveys taken, it was highlighted that many female candidates had been able to secure top ranks in various competitive exams in past few years. They are also leading in some prestigious companies by taking up managerial roles like CEOS and managers.

    In conclusion, although due to ancient patriarchal practices there had been influence on people’s mindset that women are less ambitious and competitive than men leading them to not being allowed to take up challenging roles.However, this stereotypical belief is changing as women have excelled in many competitive and challenging fields.

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