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  • Joseph Timothy

    November 26, 2021 at 10:16 PM

    The figure shows the structure which generates electricity from wave power.

    Here from figure A, we can understand that the electricity is produced when turbine is rotated. A turbine is a instrument which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by movement of rotor around its shaft. In this figure, the mechanical energy is generated by motion of waves which indeed causes movement in turbine. the turbine is rotated by exerting the air pressure inside that chamber. As the wave enters it dislocates the air inside the chamber to move through the column obviously the pressurized air rotates the turbine with immense force. More the rotation greater the power generated.

    In figure B, we can observe that when the wave flows out off the chamber eventually it creates a void space for air to flow back into the chamber. the turbine is again rotated due to the movement of air into of the chamber. On comparing both the figures we can understand that movement of air in and out of the chamber which is basically caused by wave power causes rotation on the turbine. Subsequently, the electricity is generated as the turbine has kept on constant rotation.

    Hence, This is image depicts the basic analogy of generation of electricity using wave power.

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