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  • Ashish

    November 30, 2021 at 2:18 PM

    The given diagrams depict the process of electricity generation by utilising the power of waves.At first glance,it can be perceived that when the waves move inside the chamber or leave it ,there is a movement of air in the column which leads the production of electricity.

    To begin with,the structure is set up near seashore or is mounted on a cliff. It basically consists of a big chamber, one side of which is open to the sea through which the water waves enter and leave.Apart from the chamber,it has a vertical column in which a turbine is installed.One end of the column is open to the atmosphere due to which the air moves freely bidirectionally.

    Initially the chamber is empty,but as the time goes by the waves enter the chamber due to which the air starts moving upwards through the column ,and subsequently the turbine starts rotating and ultimately electricity is generated.

    On the contrary,the movement of the air is in the opposite direction when the waves depart but the turbine rotates in the same direction as earlier(i.e,clockwise) and eventually electric power is generated again.

    So,in this process current is generated in both the cases,i.e,arrival and departure of waves.

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