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  • Gurpreet

    November 30, 2021 at 11:24 PM

    In this time and age , traffic congestion is one of the pressing issue of concern confronted by this globalized world. This essay shall delve into prime factors behind it and provide effective and efficient ways to curb it.

    Myriads of reasons can be considered while addreving this issue. but the most conspicuous one is people not following proper traffic rules while driving and parking vehicles. it is due to the fact that some civilians are very careless towards there duties. as a result it causes traffic problems. for example people park there cars in no parking zones for saving their time which creates lot of difficulties to another person.Another subtle reason behind this is due to lack of public transport. this is because people feel it in convenient while using. consequently it creates traffic problems.

    However , on the other hand , every lock has a key. similarly , there are couple of solutions to curb this problem. First of all , there should be some strict rules and regulations for civilians related to traffic rules moreover an high amount of fine should be charged from the person repeating any offence. Public transport should also be improved according to people convenience and government should also motivate people for using more public transport. Pooling cabs can also help for reducing traffic on city roads.

    No doubt traffic congestion is not easy to tackle, however above mentioned solutions must be implemented on war footing to overcome this problem as soon as possible.

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