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  • Vimi

    December 1, 2021 at 9:01 AM

    The given pie charts depict how a charity for children based in USA raised funds and where the collected money was spent, in the year of ( not required)2016.At first glance, it can be perceived that the major source of revenue was the donated food and the highest proportion of the collection was spent on program services.

    A very large amount(86.6%) of the collected money was raised with the donated food alone, and the contributions of the community accounted for slightly over one-tenth of the total.

    On the other hand the earnings from program revenue, investment income, government grants and other sources were negligible( only 3% collectively).

    At the same time the charity exhausted majority(almost 96%) of money on program services whereas a very small amount ,only 4.2% in total, was spent on fundraising and management and general purposes.

    Also, it is very clear from the given pie charts that the received amount was greater than the expenditures, as they earned around 53.5 milliion dollars while they defrayed roughly 53.2 million dollars.

    Feedback :

    Introduction and general overview are well written but comparisons and contrast have not been depicted well. Language of comparison and contrast has hardly been used. Variation in language could have been improved though there are negligible Grammar errors.

    Band Score : 2/3

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