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  • Sonali

    December 1, 2021 at 3:06 PM

    Well-known people such as films and sports personalities, nowadays, tend to speak their minds on public matters or things which are unrelated to their profession. In my opinion, this is a negative development because celebrities typically do not have relevant information on political matters and they should refrain from commenting on public affairs unless well versed on such subjects.

    Unwise opinions can have a negative influence on people. In contemporary times, news spread like wildfire and any injudicious comment or action by celebrities can cause a negative impact on the mainstream audience. Recently, there is an increase in controversies which are caused not just by differences in opinions but more by limited knowledge and unmindful views of some film stars.
    It is also seen that some social media influencers share controversial views to attract attention and gain followers. Therefore, it is imperative that this behavior should not be encouraged so that right to freedom of opinion and expression is not misused.

    Some sensitive topics should be left to the experts. People tend to follow TV personalities blindly and get influenced by any positive or negative opinion of theirs’.However, If celebrities educate themselves well before sharing their opinions on a particular political matter, it can encourage their fans to have a mindful opinion. Many surveys show that mainstream audiences have been falling prey to misleading pieces of information shared on social media by famous people. Therefore, expert advice and opinions only should hold relevance.

    In conclusion, It is crucial that celebrities should either stay updated with public affairs to the ground level or should avoid sharing their views if they are not well aware of the subject.

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