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  • Joseph Timothy

    December 1, 2021 at 10:26 PM

    In this world, everyone has their own views and opinion over any issue which is either their concern or not. Any issue or opinion there will be support and opposition, where the view of supporter will be wrong for other party or vice versa.

    The views of the film stars and celebrities or mostly people with stardom gets a huge impact on society is basically due to their fame and reach. As discussed earlier, everyone has their own views but when expressed by a person with such popularity it creates an impact on either supporter or adversary. This is basically because they can’t agree with the view of other people. When it comes to public matters sometimes celebrities with least knowledge make opinion which affects the people who really benefit from it. Indeed, they should understand that real life is not same as reel life which may lead to disruption of social calmness.

    In my point of view, I would suggest showing support for public issues which concerns oneself the least should be avoided as it as greater negative impact. When views on public matters by celebrities which least concern should be avoided. For example, if people below poverty line demand for increase in public transport to reduce crowd and chaos whereas a celebrity who opposes this idea as they believe this will have effect on traffic. In precise, too many views or opinions will lead to many ideas and cause a greater confusion.

    I would like to conclude that everyone has a freedom of speech therefore we must use it wisely. Celebrities can give their views but before sharing its better to think wisely that whether their view is for greater good of the society. Every view has both positive and negative impact on society whereas the impact is really subjective to the issue.

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