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  • Neeraj

    December 7, 2021 at 12:49 PM

    Nowday,tourism florised very fast because of it English become the most spoken language through out the word however ,some people thing it will become the most spoken language gradually.
    There are many advantage and disadvantages of it like it is a easiest mode of communication and increase the economy of country whearas is in other way the native languages get loose their effect.
    The prominent advantage to have single language is that it increase the communication all over the world for example it enhance the trade between various non-english speaking country like Vietnam and china it boost the economy of country and easy acesss is provided for different also remove hesitation of tourist coming from other country as they have to speak same language.
    Moreover ,there is many government who adopted English is know in good condition like their economy and people growth in international platform is good.
    In addition there is many disadvantages like many country loose their native languages while making English as national there is many who adopted English like Canada but loose its regional language essence.Government should work toward enhancing their own language to save their cultural integrity.Many native languages going to become the part of the history.
    In Conclusion ,as there is many advantages to make English as single language as it increses the communication and break the barriers while there is many disadvantages like the native loose its importance.I think government need to stablish and protect their native languages to enhance their culture.

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