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  • Elena

    December 7, 2021 at 1:24 PM

    Some people argue that art is useless subject for students in education system while others say that it is important . This essay weighs the two opinions as well as provides my personal judgement .
    On one side , people think that art education is waste of time especially if the child is not interested in it. They believe that there are more essential subjects such as mathematics ,technology or science , which allows students to find a job in the future .For instance, studying arts does not guarantee a successful career in the future , especially if you are living in a country where art is not the best profession and it would be hard to find art-related job. Nowadays , most artists have been struggling to make a living from selling their work .

    On the other hand , from my point of view , learning art is necessary for students because they can relax after concentration on a heavy subjects , let’s say get taste of what different subjects are about . For example ,singing a song in musical classes can bring positive emotions for people . Also studying art could improve performance in other subjects .Art would help to develop creativity thinking, imagination and coordination , also art aids shy people to express themselves .

    In conclusion, despite some drawbacks above , I would say that art is definitely crucial for pupils in their curriculum , rather focus only on technical education.

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