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  • Silk

    December 9, 2021 at 3:07 PM

    It is true that we are increasingly surrounded by advertising by companies that we want to sell us their products. I agree that advertising has impact on sales of consumer which i will be discussing in this essay.

    Advertisement can certainly temp people to buy products that they might not otherwise want. A good example could be any food app. Even though we are not sometime hungry but when we watch any advertisement mentioning some discounts or any new update about new restaurant we immediately tend to visit that restaurant or order the food online. Perhaps it is the influence of marketing that leads us to make these kind of decisions. Some time in form of festive offer or clearance sales we get to think that we are getting profit out of it or being benefitted if we opt it and grab the offer.

    Advertising makes product much easier and faster to be accessed by the people across the world. For example when you search a product online you also get suggested items which people have taken with that same product or if the particular product is out of stock you get option of all other similar product we sometime get a chance to purchase new product than our regular used product and sometime we like it and get benefitted out of it. We find celebrity are invited to advertise the good by using their influential to target their fans. This is no doubt for increasing sales.

    In conclusion, advertising can motive people to go for shopping sometimes we get benefitted out of it and sometime we just fall for their marketing strategy but yes i agree that high sales of consumer’s product is advertising in day today society.

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