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  • Mansi

    December 9, 2021 at 8:59 PM

    A commonly heard argument these days is that advertisement not only provokes us to buy extra things but also lead us in buying unnecessary items. I completely advocate against this opinion.

    Firstly, it is with the help of these advertisements only that we can buy products that suits our requirements. We can do a detailed search regarding the concerned product, as well as compare it with similar products and finally end up choosing the one that justifies our need. Just imagine a person with minimal usage of mobile phone buying a costly high-end gaming phone, thus, wasting his money. Undoubtedly, advertisements help in choosing the best suited product and ruling out the products that are increasing the price of the item but will not be in our use.

    Secondly, advertisements also introduce you to the newer facilities available. With the advancement in technology, newer features are added every now and then. Advertisements help in keeping us updated especially when some new idea is proposed in the market. For example, last month I read an article in a news paper mentioning the availability of portable dialysis machine with local venders. At the beginning, I doubted its benefit because I could not explain myself how a small machine can compete a traditional heavier dialyser, but later when I came across people using it, I realised that it was actually efficacious and that advertisement had its pros. Advertisements clearly help us by introducing to the stuff that is going to benefit us in a long run.

    To summarise, advertisements play a vital role in selecting the items that suits our need as well as they keep us updated regarding the advancement in technologies thus saving us a lot of time and money.

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