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  • isha

    December 10, 2021 at 11:41 AM

    Please read words written in Italics, these are corrections.

    It is true that we are increasingly surrounded by advertising by companies that want to sell us their products. I agree that advertising has an impact on sales of consumer goods, which I will be discussing in this essay.

    Advertisements can certainly tempt people to buy products that they might not otherwise want. A good example could be any food app. Even though we are not hungry, when we watch any advertisement mentioning some discounts or any new update about a new restaurant we immediately tend to visit that restaurant or order the food online. Perhaps, it is the influence of marketing that leads us to make these kinds of decisions. For example, we get festive offers or clearance sales ,which is again a marketing gimmick.

    Second Body paragraph is difficult to understand in context of advertisements. It mentions about cross selling of related products but how its related to advertisements?

    In conclusion, advertising can motivate people to go shopping ,sometimes we get benefited from it and sometimes we just fall for their marketing strategy but yes I agree that high sales of consumer’s product is because of attractive advertisements.


    Well tried Silk! Look out for some silly mistakes in the form of Grammatical errors.

    Body paragraph 2 is not in sync .

    More use of synonyms and vocab could be there, for example for products ( which has been repeated), use can use goods ,consumer items, retail goods etc.

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