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  • Silk

    December 10, 2021 at 3:21 PM

    Now-a-days the internet has become so popular many people are watching the latest news on internet and traditional newspaper are less valued to younger generation. As per my opinion, I partially agree with this statement, and i feel that it mainly depends on personal interest, as i will explain.

    Firstly when we consider young generation, it is basically true that conventional newspaper have less important role to play. Young people have grown up in a digital world and use computer as it is quick, effective, easy to gain information moreover, its available at any point of time. Although, newspaper are published in early hours, the news continues to spread throughout the days, and this is available on our phone and we even can follow news stories update regularly. Youth of today feel much more confident using mobile devices, as they have been part of their daily lives.

    Nevertheless, The opposite is the case for older generation is the case for older generations. Traditional newspaper have become part of our national identity in many nations. For elderly people it might not be as comfortable when using internet on mobile phone so for them conventional form of news is nostalgic feeling. For some technology can be terrifying to some individual, as they are afraid of change. Yes they do feel the newspaper can also be used in many household chores like wrapping stuff, crafting, Now-a-days traditional newspaper agencies are providing lots of gifting scheme as their business is in risk which attract some individuals. Furthermore, they do have some disadvantages like printing and distributing cost which are not same with online news, even we have to wait for the next day to have updated news for example exam result which are published via conventional method are not available on same day whereas, in online we can get that result in matter of second at any place of world.

    In conclusion, Traditional newspaper and online newspaper both have their own advantages and disadvantages its all depend on news seeker point of view and how they find it useful, it is tricky to be certain for this claim to be true.

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