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  • jose joy

    December 13, 2021 at 9:57 AM

    Although, some consider the finest way to consume media is newspaper, while others consider other media such as social media, news feeds, and televisions are much better in delivering the news, However, I consider newspaper is still the best way for consumption of the news.

    News published in the newspaper are well researched and multiple reviews are done before publishing them. They are in-depth and precise. If you see the recent news about the death of our beloved chief of defence staff, Bipin Rawat, the news had a structure, it clearly provides all the information and back story in a clear and precise way, but we have to wait till morning for the news.

    On the other hand, news published in other media provides quick and current information prevailing to a situation. We cannot wait around for a newspaper if there is an announcement of the cyclone. However, the news consumed this way is based on what is called click rate, here the heading is made juicy so that people click the news most of the time the titles are misleading. The amount of misinformation through social media is staggering, If you watch the news closely, you can see more countries are trying to control the misinformation through legislation, although most of the efforts are futile until now. I remember once I got news about a particular covid restriction from one of the reputable news outlets, that those taking kids to the beach will be fined, I shared with a few of my friends who like to take their kids to the beach. Later in the evening, I saw in the news that misinformation is spreading about this. I went back to the original link and they just replaced its content with something else altogether.

    So we can conclude that consumption of news through the newspaper is still relevant and should be considered as the best way to consume news, as they best adhere to good journalistic practices.

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