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  • Shanthala

    December 13, 2021 at 9:57 AM

    It is believed by some people, that news papers are the best source of information to receive updates of our surroundings. On the contrary, others believe that, there are better technologies to update yourself with current affairs. In my opine, I agree to the latter part of the statement.

    Firstly, newspaper has been our traditional way to gather information about politics, sports, crime and many more. Because, they are handy. As they are made of paper, they can be folded for comfort read. Also, reading news paper doesn’t harm eyes as compared to digital news. People working in print media work overnight to collate all the collected information during the day and print news to cater to people in the early morning. To quote an example, my father even today prefers to read newspaper as he believes they are true and reliable.

    On the contrary, with the convenience of wifi availability around us, digital media offers plethora of options, to update current affairs via different modes such as phone, television, laptop. The information gets updated in such medias within a span of few seconds. Also, we can enjoy the visual effects of the news happening surrounding us. However, this is not possible with news papers. For an instance, the last week’s provisional election updates with current voting polls were broadcasted on the government website and I could easily track the progress directly on my phone. This helped me predict as to what party will win for the province election.

    To conclude, although we have different options to update ourselves with current affairs, however, in my opinion, digital media is fast progressing and is making people’s life more convenient and comfortable in tracking the news around the globe and beyond.

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