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  • Amir Hamza

    December 13, 2021 at 10:01 AM

    One can learn news through various platforms. The availability of newspapers and other forms of media makes it easier for the general public to access the news. This essay discusses the two different points of views on learning news. It is argued by some that newspapers are the best way to learn news, while a few others consider other forms of media are better. I believe, the latter is better due to the various distinct benefits that are outlined below.

    Newspapers have been the conventional source through which news were accessed. Before the advent of the digital media, the newspapers aided the general public to keep themselves updated on the current happenings and the latest current affairs. The wide coverage in the newspapers allowed the public to read news based on their taste. For example, the main page provided a snapshot on the previous day’s most important events, the sports page catered to the sports lovers, the classifieds section helped the buyers and sellers while the employment section helped the people find or change jobs. Reading newspapers also had supportive benefits, such as improving the vocabulary among many others. However, newspapers due to the very nature of the platform have limitations due to the circulation, content and timeliness.

    The advent of technology led to the evolution of the digital media that allowed accessing news through TVs and Internet. The use of digital media, in following news, allows us to overcome the limitations that were seen due to the newspapers. News can now be learnt in a fast, accurate and a consistent manner. The availability of smart phones and the penetration of the internet into the deep corners of the planet has benefitted the general public improving easy access to the news. Furthermore the digital media lets the readers to customize the news based suiting the interests.

    In conclusion, I would like to state that, while accessing news through the newspapers has indeed been very beneficial to the general public, there were some limitations. However, accessing news through the digital media has empowered us to address these limitations.

    Word Count: 344

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