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  • Kenya

    December 13, 2021 at 10:06 AM

    Majority of people believe newspaper as a better way to gain knowledge. While other consider that there are several ways to keeping them selves up to date with latest news and inventions related to nation. In my opinion, I agree with the latter part of the statement.

    Newspaper is one of the most traditional way of reading news. Moreover , several of old age people are habitat of reading news paper in the morning while having a cup of a tea. According to them they can not start there day without reading newspaper , without any doubt they are stick towards the news paper and prefer it the most. In addition to that , newspaper is the cheapest way for getting information. However it gives limited information about the news.

    Moving towards the second argument of this debate , the first point of that as technology is increasing day by day human should also update them selves. There are several ways to gather latest news in very convienent ways, as social media, we can read any news related to any stream on social media without any restrictions. Moreover social media has a variety of information about products and new launches. In addition to that, we can access any old or any latest news on devices. Person do not need to keep the prints and proofs with them as all the news on social media is saved on it. As an result, digital media is replacing the old technology with new ones. Moreover ,Its handy and can be used anywhere at any time with the access of internet.

    In conclusion , according to my perspective,I prefer digital media as it have ample of benefits and more over its very convienent to use as it have various platforms and wide range of knowledge.

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