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  • Ayush

    December 13, 2021 at 11:13 PM

    From birth to death, politics play a vital role in an individual’s life especially in developing nations like India. There are numerous incidents seen in day to day life that corroborates the above statement. For instance, I do remember my classmate, though being honest, was reproached by the head teacher because he ambiguously replied to the son of a local minister, thus he was languished not to attend school for two months. This guy was persecuted because he belong to a middle class family and had taken action against the minister’s son.

    I strongly believe that politics should be removed, especially from the schools and colleges, where students should be grown in anti-diplomatic environment which will eventually bring a new perspective in thinking of a being. Moreover if people contemplate about this perspective they will underscore the overall meaning of life and their responsibility towards serving humanity. However, majority people adept in this skill but rather pretend to be naive and do not take any action.

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