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  • Rekha

    December 14, 2021 at 6:10 AM

    In the competitive world, the education system has changed immensely, and the way children are targeted to achieve scores. There are better ways such as encouraging with rewards for better performance rather than enforcing and punishing them. In the below essay, we will discuss rewarding a student as a better way to encourage them to gain good scores and enhance their interest in hard work.

    To begin with, a person can achieve anything when there is a proper support system that encourages and motivates them to achieve the goals. Especially, during schooling, children need someone who always supports them to study more to achieve good scores and encourage them with rewards. For example, setting up targets to get good scores and presenting gifts as they achieve would result in a noticeable improvement on overall performance and growth in their interest to work hard more to get the gifts. There was a survey conducted on 50 students who are 8th grade, children who were rewarded has shown significant improvement in their excellence in their subjects when compared to other students.

    Whereas, when students get punished since they didn’t achieve the desired scores will discourage them furthermore. Abusing and insulting students in front of other peers or punishing them will demotivate and mentally weaken them. For example, there was a student in my class who was always been shamed for getting less scores by lecturers who felt heartbroken and committed suicide. Many children are mentally weak and cannot handle punishments which would result in the worst consequences. Hence, there are better ways to help students get more scores rather than enforcing.

    To conclude, it is always recommended to encourage children to achieve good ranks by rewarding them and supporting them in all the possible ways such as providing gifts, extra tuition classes, explaining them by one-on-one conversation rather than punishing them which has no benefit.

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