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  • Silk

    December 16, 2021 at 2:54 AM

    Some people believe teaching arts are crucial and should be taught in school while quite a few people oppose and believe it is completely worthless. In my opinion, art should be part of fundamental education to encourage creativity among the children however, this essay will discuss both views.

    On one hand, the future is in technology and science. So many parents are aware, and so believe it is very beneficial that school focus primarily on academics, so that their children will get success in this modern world. For example International company like Nasa conduct different science projects and the selected students get chance to visit their campus, many financial services to study abroad .so many student and parents alike feel that their future is somewhere among these field.

    Alternately, one thing that needs to be pointed out that the main objective of school is to enable students to get knowledge of every subject be it like academic or arts, and then allow them to choose whichever field they wish to pursue. Arts is an engaging subject which allow people to be creative, upgrade own’s artistic skills to express themselves, sometime it is helpful to enhance more concentration and build their confidence level.

    In conclusion, I believe school should encourage arts as part of curriculum because learning art can show the imagination of student or what they have inside and enhance their in born quality and if not at least it can be used to release stress of workload.

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