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  • Shanthala

    December 21, 2021 at 10:11 AM

    It is a trend that many parents wish to send their children to study abroad.This creates a positive approach for children to gain international exposure.However,in this situation,children can drain emotionally and may feel homesick.

    Firstly,while being away from parents,children will gain life skills as they have to exhibit exellence in personal work and studies independently.This is not the case otherwise.Also,this experience will provide them to obtain global exposure and learn adaptability.For an instance,a recent survey in Times of India newspaper suggested that,the owners of start up companies in Bangalore are mostly the children, who had international exposure as they possess good communication skills and have outstanding practical knowledge.

    In the contrary, children being away from family will become emotionally distracted and can involve in bad friendship.This situation will lead them to deviate from their studies, which can cause an irrepairable damage.With this,the goal of attaining international education cannot be accomplished.Besides, there will be a huge financial loss for parents who would have taken educational loan to fulfill their dream.To quote an example,my colleague’s kid who was sent to a prestigious institute in USA last year is experiencing a cultural shock and is not able to focus on his studies.He is planning to come back and help his father in their family business.

    To conclude,there are advantages and disadvantages to this situation.Children with an opportunity of studying abroad can obtain global exposure and get high income jobs.However, at the same time children can experience emotional distress and miss their parents and family,being away from them.

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