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  • jose joy

    December 23, 2021 at 9:49 AM

    Shopping is a fulfilling experience and is considered as a form of entertainment by many, especially in western countries, Nations promotes consumerism since it drives the economy, this can be considered as a positive impact of this phenomenon, but the negative side, like long term mental and economic impact of the individual far out ways the positive note.

    An economy is alive and well flourished when money changes hands, To increase GDP, countries promote shopping, but we should consider the price we are paying especially to the vast majority of its citizens.

    We need to first analyze why people like consumerism, shopping for entertainment stimulates, dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is interpreted as pleasure by the brain, resulting in considering this as entertainment, however, dopamine is like a drug, it is short-lived, and more powerful dopamine is required further round to the lane. This will result in requiring more for self-gratification. This will lead a person to depression, Recent research journals show this trend is increasing in teens these days. Companies know about dopamine and will fine-tune advertisements so that you spend more money.

    Shopaholicism has a direct impact on financial aspects for individuals, If you see successful personalities, who have expanded their wealth always think, if a product is necessary and will it make money in the future for them if we see celebrities buying lavish objects, it in itself is marketing themselves making them influencers, companies do pay them. Spending money unnecessarily on unwanted items will reduce the wealth and in time of emergency will lead a person scrambling for finances. the people who are more impacted by this are people who are not super wealthy, which makes up the majority of a countries population.

    As evident from the above paragraph, we can conclude that the negative impact on one health mentally and financial distress caused by an unnecessary spending spree, far outweighs the positive side for an individual, Although we can see people’s behavior as contradictory to this.

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