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  • Elena

    December 23, 2021 at 5:39 PM

    Nowadays , it is becoming more and more popular for families to send their youngsters overseas for educational purposes. This trend could create benefits such as, exploring new destination and better future prospects , however, this could also cause some drawbacks like emotional distress and spending huge amount of money for a living .

    To begin with , there are a lot of advantages to studying abroad . Firstly , it is an ideal period when children could meet with new peoples and get to know their traditions and cultures , by doing that it will grow communication skills . For example , many articles has shown that people who learn a new language can learn it faster thanks to communication with natives. and also, it makes them more independent and confident. Secondly, students who has degree from any reputed international university may get a good job opportunity .

    On the other hand , education overseas is becoming more expensive every year . Because of that majority of parents forced to take a loan to pay educational fees . Moreover , youngsters who feel themselves homesick could face the cultural difference such as adapting to a new food or weather conditions . For instance , people who are from tropical countries like Malaysia or Thailand travelling to cold regions find some difficulties to adapt .

    In conclusion , the idea of sending kids abroad for better education has some disadvantages , such us the high educational cost and the impact of cultural changes , but despite that ,getting far from home will help younger generation to mature and explore new things .

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