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  • Elena

    December 27, 2021 at 6:10 PM

    Nowadays , a lot of people replacing live communication by online conversations through social media . This essay will include how communication in distance breaks geographical barriers and also illustrates how it has reduce the quality of speaking. Whilst acknowledging that there are disadvantages , the essay will argue that the benefits of the face to face interaction outweigh the drawbacks.

    In terms of advantages , distance connection have made it for us much easier to interact with our loved ones or friends without spending a huge amount of money to get in touch with them in different countries .Also , it gives the opportunity to study or work overseas and even pass the interviews , regardless of geographical locations .For instance , by passing interview or exam in a distance in a comfortable place reduces the pressure and nervousness for a person .

    However , despite the benefits above , I think that overuse social media reduces the quality of in-person interactions , person loses self-confidence and doesn’t know how to express themselves on better matter . In this days , public are so addicted to social networks that they don’t even notice what is happening around them .The frequent using of it could affects the style of speaking and writing , especially when it comes to young generation. For example , nowadays many teenagers have a habit of using abbreviations instead of full words or sentences , which then they used it in text messages , posts or in academic essays.

    In conclusion , communication online has some drawbacks, nevertheless , from my point of view the positive effects of that are outweighed disadvantages.

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