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  • nakul

    December 27, 2021 at 11:05 PM

    Outdoor activities are good for development of children body more than playing computer games. Maximum people believe that the out door activities are good for their children. .As we have to do more physical work and we interact more also with friends which make us more happier and help to improve the behavior of children.

    Outdoor make our muscles stronger and children become more active .This happen due to proper circulation of blood when we do more physical activities .For example by running our heart has to do more work and it pumps more blood to the body and also improves the staminal also. Outdoor activities certainly improve the mental &physical health and make the children stress free and cheerful &on the other hand indoor activities make children complacent toward their health.

    Outdoor activities are good for health but it depend upon the situation As per current scenario corona we can not send our children outside for playing games as it is not safe .Lot of other disease which are transferable easily is available in air ad children should take precautionary measures o avoid ours elf from this diseases. So best option for them is to play games inside of home and Video game are the best source of entrainment for them all to remain inside of home. Best example in corona times indoor games are most of the favorite choices for all parents and parents feel that their children is safe inside .

    In my opinion ,the idea that outdoor games are good for the development of children’s health is true to maximum extent but sometimes it is abysmal in situation of corona & more susceptible to certain communicable diseases.

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