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  • Binderpreet

    December 27, 2021 at 11:53 PM

    Several communities believe playing outside improve their mental health , make new friends learn things about how friendship evolve , trust, happiness and society gives promo who life as picture will be however is astonishing part of few also make there point most of billionaire were not playing in garden backyard game of football over lunch and bear.They were glued to the seat working on algorithm to make Spotify or Facebook or YouTube or Various social networking site were generally made by awkward student whose work to sit in garage playing games and making millions while streaming it all over the world. Well, you can’t be James bond in everything although you create equilibrium of both the things as it is said you need water and scotch to make drink , without. other thing is tasteless and devastated for your liver.

    People say playing outside improves overall body growth, makes then new friend also this may lead to their game of passion may be basketball, football, strongest man , pro wrestler and many other initiative they can take if put children in activities which may lead being “G.O.A.T”.Taking silver lining out of it 75% of athlete after retiring are homeless and social skills go for toss.

    People who stayed in warehouse playing video games are multi millionaire . Yes, it does lead them to be narcissistic and living in another world of their own.Even on small scale they become YouTube with gaming channel and earning more than state head of a bank. Also they do become complacent with there health but they have money to take care of health if they fell sick. Situation is similar two boat floating in sea with equal load and passengers to prevent the board from drowning . Keep both sides (positive and negative equal).

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