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  • Falak

    December 29, 2021 at 12:32 AM
    660 Network Points
    Activity Points 27170

    The line graph depicts (Line graphs depict – two graphs you are referring here)

    number of workers employed were (was)

    beginning then (than) when the year approaches to its end.

    a sudden drop is (has been observed) seen in amount of steel production

    After which a sharp fall of workers were (was) seen

    then the number remains (remained) constant

    where it shows (showed) the little upward

    Feedback : Grammatical accuracy is really important ; pay attention to the points mentioned above. Be careful with the Tense (Past, present, future). Word limit should be 150-170 . Make use of varied sentence structure to improve cohesion and coherence.

    Band: 1.5/3

    Keep writing!!

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